A Great man passes away before be can finish writing his will. After his grand death there is fighting over his possessions. Nothing is more coveted then the panties that inspired it all.


A wild women finds herself lost and pregnant. She is saved by an angel but following behind is the devil.

A young bride-to-be has no friends so her brothers throw her a bachelorette party. Throughout the night secrets are revealed which erect a throbbing, surreal, and sexual drama.

 Walk, Run and Duck  

Walk, Run and Duck 

Learn about the wild man himself. He lives a life that needs to be recorded. He gives us a flash of the exciting world that he has made for himself. He is my father, he is my hero and I am proud to have shot this film on my go phone.

Shot in 3 parts, watch a man go from Mr. Saltine to Dr. Choco Taco.


Jasper tries to keep his business alive in a competitive market. As an American he must work along with the immigrant workers, while some become his enemies. His car gets stolen and Jasper thinks he knows who did it. With help from his friends BJ, Wilbert and Gearin he finds out who the real enemy is.


The internet is a full of information but to get to it you must travel through a swamp of porn. A new generation of kids, refereed to by some as generation XXX, has grown up with such large amounts of porn that it profoundly effects who they are. Here is a film to represent the beauty and filth of the internet world,

Slam Peterson and Jam Stevans were enemies until the teamed up to become the greatest doubles team in the history of the game. You've never seen a more honest portrayal of the world of Foosball.